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Change is in the air again as persistent entropy creeps into the social and economic fabric of our civilization. Fear and pessimism is a natural reaction in the face of overwhelming complexity. However, where others see disorder, I see an opportunity to re-imagine the systems that define the human condition. This extraordinary period of transition has presented an equally extraordinary opportunity to engineer anti-fragile systems calibrated for sustainability.

One of the primary causes of economic volatility and persistent insecurity in America is her collective over-reliance on primitive economic models to measure success. Rapid capital creation and consistent growth has become an uncontested doctrine in corporate America.

Despite this model’s success in the past, we must question its continued effectiveness at governing today’s overwhelming social and economic complexities. A side effect of a system that promotes unfettered and ruthless competition is a tendency towards asymmetry of information and the monopolization of capital. Organizations that operate under a paradigm of zero-sum game will likely experience incredible booms and busts until market volatility and cooperative competition wither them away into extinction.

The alternative to this model is an entirely new species of organization. An entity that encourages healthy competition and an open exchange of intelligence between parties for the collective betterment of the ecosystem. System-wide cooperation amongst competitors opens up a new dimension to customer acquisition. Firms must not only provide high quality products or services at affordable prices, but they must also appeal to the better nature of their customers.

Commoditizing Culture

Companies born today operate in a more nuanced environment and face a diverse spectrum of challenges. Modern business strategy demands that entrepreneurs identify their values, mission, and culture prior to building a financial infrastructure. It is through your values and your mission that you discover your target audience and secure a position in the market. Companies built primarily to generate profit often miss the opportunity to find relevant problems to solve. Without a meaningful problem to solve, organizations only serve to fill the cracks in a decaying economic structure.

The organizations that successfully identify the sources of decay determine how culture is commoditized.

Culture Tech

“Establish a strong culture and economy will flourish!”

Of all the emerging technologies that seek to transform the world, culture and its derivative values will always be the most effective means for developing a trust-based marketplace of ideas.

Nevertheless these ideas are not without criticism. While conceptually sound, many might challenge them as naive or unrealistic, possibly even utopian! This is a fair point, one that compelled me to launch an organization committed to leading by example and demonstrating the transformative power of culture technology.

The CO NETWORK aims to reduce the transaction costs of innovation by fundamentally re-imagining communication and revolutionizing community development. We are in the final stages of platform development on a collaboration platform engineered to accelerate global innovations in: Science, Technology and Culture.

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