A collective inquiry on the most pressing scientific challenges of our time.


Change is in the air again as persistent entropy creeps into the social and economic fabric of modern civilization. Overwhelming complexity has tethered the human animal to technology and anchored it to fear. While our ancestors struggled with the illusion of choice, we find ourselves paralyzed by far too many!

This is the grand challenge of our time and the consequences of ambiguous consensus are existential. A collective failure to domesticate our most powerful technologies will likely materialize humanities darkest fantasies of dystopia, famine and war.

The wisdom of antiquity suggests that every civilization must resolve its contradictions before passing into history. These monuments to civilization celebrate human ingenuity and inspire the next generation of explorers to daydream about harmony.

It is during humanities most ambitious period of discovery that we call upon an entire super-organism to participate in an intense species-wide introspection on the nature of conflict, competition, cooperation, communication and consciousness. A rare eclipse of opportunity to re-imagine the systems that define the human condition and reveal the mathematical beauty which binds us all.

As you sail through this fragile experience of reality, always remember to point your compass at vibrant constellations. One must never navigate this magnificent adventure by the light of long dead stars.


The MLS & CO Experience Teams are currently finalizing our 2019 experiences. Here is a taste of things to come:

Corporate Talent Show: SD

Artificial Intelligence & Biotechnology talent

TrollBlock Hackathon

NLP | Network Analysis | Bot detection

Shaman of the Sun

EDM | Clean Energy Conference

50 Shades of Gray Matter

Neuroscience | Behavior | Consciousness Conference

Advanced Kaggle

Build Artificial Intelligence competition teams

Mathematics Debate Night

2 vs 2 debates on Biology | Physics | Math & Time

Corisma Talks

Live Debates & Panel Discussions

AI Movie Night

Watch movies with fellow researchers


The most remarkable technology has already been discovered and yet to be applied. Indeed, we stand to gain more from the collective recognition of people, passion, creativity, humor and collaboration that we do from the discovery of new branches of science.

Enhanced Anthropology

Social Instrumentation

Designer Culture

High Performance Team Composer

Universal Communication Protocols

Exotic Networks

Conscious Networks

Emergent Property Machines

Mesh Taxonomy

Performance Psychology

Focus Training

Human Depth Perception

Accountability Framework