Leverage the power of Intelligence Crowdsourcing

The CO Network is interviewing clients for our new technical consulting practice. Our teams in New York, Boston and San Diego work closely with Governments, Academia and Fortune 500 clients at the forefront of technological and social innovation.

Whether you are putting together a rock star consulting team, building out the data science department, filling a niche engineer role, or founding a startup and need help with data analytics, our community has what your company is looking for.


Phase Assessment | Project Evaluation

Minimum Fee: $1,000

Our experts will work to discover your unique corporate culture and needs. We will evaluate your challenges, history and current needs during the Data Science project review.

The Phase Assessment call will focus on answering the following questions:

  1. Does the client have (1-3) well-formed/feasible questions that are algorithmically answerable?
  2. Does the client have the requisite data available to answer the question(s)?
  3. Does the client have data storage and compute power available to handle the storage and computation load?

Initial Engagement Contract will typically include the following deliverables:

  • Kickoff Call: 30-minute project initiation virtual meeting to determine the stage of development for your project.
  • One 45-minutes of on-site or virtual discovery sessions per week for 2 weeks.
  • Feasibility assessment of top three company data science objectives.
  • Customized data/hardware readiness assessment with high level data collection summary.
  • Estimate of work hours for next phase of project, either Structured Discovery or Design for budgeting purposes.

Expected Outcomes

A unique process profile that will help your senior management team focus on goals and communicate those goals to the entire organization

A customized solution tailored to your needs

Implementation services and supports to help overcome obstacles and smooth the path as your solution is rolling out

Ongoing continuous improvement planning analytics that ensure benchmarks are met and tactics are modified to reflect the evolving needs of the organization

Client Requirements

The decision to develop new products must be driven by passion, not fear

Client must have an existing culture of innovation (we will not under any circumstances spend time navigating through bureaucracy or indecision)

Client must participate in, and contribute to, the local innovation ecosystem.

Clients must have specific questions to be answered using Machine Learning and AI.

Clients must have data collected and/or have plans to collect data to answer questions


Phase 1: Structured Discovery:

Fee: Starting at $4000 per week (full time engagement)


This phase will encompass superficial knowledge transfer and should end in your organization knowing what data to collect in order to answer their questions or determining they have the data and moving into the design and development level of this consulting engagement.


  • Detailed Data Collection Plan
  • Set of Measurable targets
  • Continuance of Data-Free Analysis from Phase 1
  • 5 Hour per week of on-site or virtual coaching
  • Finalized Scope of Work for the Design and Development Phase

Phase 2: Design and Development :

Fee: Starting at $30,000


Implementing your solution and managing change: Working alongside leadership to tweak processes systems, get feedback and ensure success using custom metrics as a baseline for success. This will be any strict Data Science related tasks such as designing an algorithmic approach, coding, running models, producing graphical output, engineering cloud systems for production, operationalizing models, etc.


  • Data Based Hypothesis formulation
  • Intellectual property transfer
  • Working Data Science Product
  • Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Data storage / processing / infrastructure consultation


There is nothing artificial about intelligent business decisions!



We provide services to institutions that are at the forefront social and technological innovation.

We help corporations develop a culture that values efficiency and improvements in product/service quality.

We only integrate participating institutions with a strong culture of innovation into our technology ecosystem.


We will NOT support any organization which develops products that intentionally harm humans or animals.

We will NOT provide access to talent or technology to repressive governments and or militaries.

We will NOT work with organizations that generate spam, false information, or divisive political content.


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