Hiring highly specialized technical experts is a prevailing challenge for most information driven organizations.

A thorough analysis of established recruiting practices exposes significant defects in candidate search and selection. CO's Precision Recruitment technology is intentionally designed to overcome these limitations by helping innovative organizations transition from human resources to psychometric compatibility.

The DOT (Database Of Talent) is a matchmaking engine for organizations and talent at the forefront of science and technology.

Our experience with crowdsourcing intelligence has allowed us to develop new methodologies for building innovative companies and structuring high performance technical teams. Leverage the CO Network to make precision recruitment decisions!


The DOT is NOT a traditional corporate staffing product! We are a collective of passionate and capable data scientists, engineers and technical experts that bring culture, efficiency and next generation capabilities into the organizations that work with us.

Scanning through thousands of resumes is an ineffective way to discover top technical talent! There is a better way, and we are excited to help your organization transition from Human Resources to Data Resources. Tap into our global Data+Science network by joining the CO Network and gaining a high resolution perspective on the worlds top technical talent.



  • We provide services to institutions that are at the forefront social and technological innovation.
  • We help corporations develop a culture that values efficiency and improvements in product/service quality.
  • We only integrate participating institutions with a strong culture of innovation into our technology ecosystem.


  • We will NOT support any organization which develops products that intentionally harm humans or animals.
  • We will NOT provide access to talent or technology to repressive governments and or militaries.
  • We will NOT work with organizations that generate spam, false information, or divisive political content.

Whether you are putting together a rock star consulting team, building out the data science department, filling a niche engineer role, or founding a startup and need help with data analytics, our community has what every employer is looking for. Post your open positions in our form, and we will put your opening in front of the top Data Scientists, Software Developers, Engineers, and Tech Entrepreneurs.


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