Fear will not win today!

"Every society must choose their giants, for they will one day be asked to stand on them."

I know you are afraid! I am too.

The world has gone mad and we must pull it back from the brink of chaos. The days ahead will be difficult and we will learn many tragedies.

The plague is spreading beyond our control and will likely lead to millions of fatalities around the world. Perhaps this virus emerged out of biological arrogance and death is natures price for such offense. Learn this lesson once and for all - innovation is not a luxury, but a necessity for survival.

You have all seen the weakness and incompetence of global governments that have left us to fend or ourselves in this critical time. The chorus of capitalism has suddenly stopped protecting our families and economies from utter disaster, and the next few weeks will remind us why power must never be given to the selfish.

For decades, the scientific community was ignored as experts warned us about climate collapse and deteriorating ecosystems. We have watched unsustainable energy extraction fuel wars, conflict and conspiracy between empires. There are so many to blame for this tragedy, and yet we must forgive them all despite their destructive ignorance. We must choose peace with humanity, so that we may wage total war against disease.

The old ways never worked for me or my loved ones, and now I refuse to protect the past from the future! I demand as a citizen of the world to embrace a new set of rules and standards for a fair and equitable society. No more cheating! No more shortcuts. No more wars. No more slavery. No more poverty. No more ignorance. No more distasteful luxury. No more lies.

To those that tolerate injustice, I say fuck your money and all of the poison that it buys. I am FREE to give away my passionate work, and I expect only kindness in return. I choose to reward ingenuity, collaboration and creativity over competition. I choose to play a new game, designed with love and state-of-the-art culture.

Notice that you are already free from economic slavery and you have the permission to contribute without restraint. Mobilize your ingenuity against this global treat and find your true place in the collective, then let out a single roar against injustice and disease.

It takes courage to let go of the past, but it is necessary to restore order, with a new order. Fill this vacuum of leadership with courage and grace for this is the very moment by which you will be measured. The world is watching.


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