The Story

"All roads lead to Rome, all silicon roads lead to San Diego."

The Silicon Road | Smart Border – February 12

During a Machine Learning Society team meeting, we determined that a fully autonomous global vehicle network is an inevitability, so we began forming a consortium of business leaders, engineers and local governments to coordinate a Smart City effort that will transform our economy and position San Diego as a global engine for innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Cybersecurity, Blockchain technologies and Intelligent Infrastructure. San Diego will not only become one of the world’s first fully autonomous cities, but it will also attract the most talent engineers and technology companies to architect a new standard for cities around the world to emulate. Help us re-imagine life, work and play at the birthplace of the computational renaissance.

“All roads lead to Rome! All silicon roads lead to San Diego!”

Blockception: Blockchain + AI Hackathon – March 2 – 4

On March 2-4 dozens of brilliant hackers converged onto XY Oracle Offices in downtown San Diego to develop Traffic management application on the blockchain. 10 speakers shared powerful insights about Blockchain technologies and its applications in Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Data Trading, Game design, and Charity. The Challenges brought together Blockchain developers, Artificial Intelligence experts and Cybersecurity professionals to deploy robust traffic management solutions that fundamentally re-imagine urban transportation.

US Ignite Smart Cities Hackathon – March 15

The winners of the Blockchain Hackathon partnered with the Machine Learning Society founder to develop a Smart Cities application designed to leverage intelligent infrastructure. TAP Infrastructure was born out of the necessity to manage a city by crowdsourcing the responsibility with citizens and government alike. The Data Traffickers team pitched the TAP APP to 5 judges, against 12 other amazing teams.

By winning the US Ignite Challenge, we were selected to represent San Diego at the 2018 US Ignite Application Summit in Kansas City. The Data Traffickers team will do our best to demonstrate San Diego’s leadership in Smart Cities innovation! In the next round of pitches, we will tell the world about our vision for a connected city that lives and breaths through technology. We will show them how advance applications of Machine Learning and AI can transform a static city into a organism with a synthetic intelligence coursing through it’s infrastructure.

This intelligence will enable exotic capabilities like perceptive traffic lights, parking suggestion | mobile payments, real-time traffic modeling | load balancing, and of course, adaptive speed limits that adapt to road conditions.

In other words, “Our roads will one day resemble our team – self driven!”

The Team - Data Traffickers