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Parking in any major city is a stressful experience and feeding the meter is an annoying one. It’s time to engineer the problem away! Join The Machine Learning Society and CyberTECH on March 2th – 4th at XY Oracle Network for San Diego’s first Blockchain Hackathon. We’ll be creating AI-powered methods of analyzing traffic and optimizing parking, frictionless blockchain-based payments for meters, and the security protocols to keep user data private and safe. Hack the ledger by developing state-of-the-art applications for Smart Cities on the Blockchain.

The XYO Network has, with the support of some of the biggest names in blockchain research, created the first decentralized, trustless, and authoritative location oracle. Winners of the Blockchain Hackathon will be awarded XYO tokens valued at 50 Ethereum, or almost $50,000.

The Challenges will bring together Blockchain developers, Artificial Intelligence experts and Cybersecurity professionals to deploy robust traffic management solutions that fundamentally re-imagine urban transportation.

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Challenge 1: Feed Me ter:

  • Day one: Work with Artificial Intelligence experts to analyze traffic data and identify open parking spots for un-parked vehicles.Traffic data will be provided by the city of San Diego and applications will be developed on the XY Oracle Network.
  • Day two: Once the car is parked, teams will develop a robust XYO Token payments solution that pays smart meters by the minute. All transactions will be recorded on the blockchain.

Challenge 2: The Weakest Link

In a connected world, privacy is a precious commodity. Decentralized networks offer a significant level of protection, but is that enough? Let’s find out by applying advanced cybersecurity protocols to design a secure private and public network.

  • Teams will work with Cybersecurity experts to secure the network from outside attack. Encrypt the vehicles identity and make payments to the smart meter without leaking data or funds.

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