The 21st century will once again worship the Sun! - COMING SOON

In late 2020, we are going to host our most ambitious experience yet! We bring you "Shaman of the Sun" a Hybrid EDM | Scientific Exhibition. All lovers of light, sound, and energy are invited to celebrate the birth of the modern mind and the dawn of a computational renaissance under the San Diego sun. Listen to profound order in the company of elite Scientists, Explorers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and of course EDM superstars to become the Shaman of the Sun.

Why San Diego?

The city of San Diego has recently become a spiritual center for the scientific age. Local shaman muse about unlocking the subconscious mind with neuroscience and behavioral psychology. You can sometimes overhear them arguing about the nature of the universe and matter in cafes, parks and offices around the city. The Shaman of the Sun are drawn to contemplation of the divine complexity that governs physical reality and perception. To worship the sun, our species built powerful instrumentation to capture its energy and listen to its sublime voice with radio telescopes.

Choose a Camp

    • Clean Energy
    • Interstellar
    • Intelligence
    • Biosphere
    • Infrastructure
    • Water
    • Carbon
    • Consciousness

Tickets go on sale shortly!

Pricing will be around $400. VIP $1000 - $5000

  • Prove you’re a scientist or have a Ph.D and get 30% off.
  • Science & Tech Entrepreneurs get 25% off.
  • STEM Students 20% off
  • Technical Recruiters - Direct Hire Only 10% off