Why we do it:

Today more than ever, the world needs leadership and COurage. We have an opportunity to fill this vacuum with discovery, passion and intellectual curiosity. By magnetizing intelligence, we can reveal the mathematical beauty that binds us all.

Converge 10 and you have a COnversation

Converge 100 and you have a COngregation

Converge 1,000 and you have a COnference

Converge 10,000 and you have a COmmunity

Converge 100,000 and you have a COllective

Converge 1,000,000 and you have a COmputational Renaissance

What is CO?

CO is a custodian of scientific innovation. She is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of powerful ideas between scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations. CO curates a variety of events | experiences designed to educate, engage and inspire our community to inquire together. A delicate code, that promises to connect the world's most brilliant technical minds with one another.

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The CO Experience Team is currently finalizing our 2019 experiences. A taste of things to come:

Advanced Kaggle

Build Artificial Intelligence competition teams

Mathematics Debate Night

2 vs 2 debates on Biology | Physics | Math & Time

TrollBlock Hackathon

NLP | Network Analysis | Bot detection

AI Movie Night

Watch movies with fellow researchers

Corporate Talent Show: SD

Artificial Intelligence vs Biotechnology

Synthetic Infrastructure

Autonomous Transport, Smart City Conference


Clean Energy Conference

50 Shades of Gray Matter

Neuroscience | Behavior | Consciousness Conference


The true power of crowdsourcing intelligence has yet to be harnessed. We wish to demonstrate the network effects that result from massive international scientific collaborations. By connecting the world's most passionate engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs together, we can measurably accelerate the speed of scientific innovation. As our social, economic and political capital grows, our ideas reach a tipping point towards inevitability.

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The most remarkable technology has already been discovered and yet to be applied. Indeed, we stand to gain more from the collective recognition of people, passion, creativity, humor and collaboration that we do from the discovery of new branches of science.

Enhanced Anthropology

Mesh Team Composer - framework for psychometric team design.

Mesh Mind - Neuroscience of Cooperation

Universal Communication Protocols

Exotic Networks

Conscious Networks

Emergent Property Machines

Non-organic Consciousness

Sector Brains | Super Organisms

Hive | Collective Intelligence

Performance Psychology

Human Depth Perception

Focus Training

Accountability Frameworks for habit engineering