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This gathering will focus on bringing together thought leaders at the forefront of innovations in Artificial intelligence, 5G, IOT, Cloud Infrastructure, Autonomous Transportation and Robotics. Join us January 2020, in San Diego to celebrate the future of mobility and intelligent infrastructure in Southern California.

Q1 2020: San Diego

50 Shades of Gray Matter will explore the human mind and the neural processes that govern our behavior. The conference include a live social experiment which will be announced on the second day of the event. Speakers will share the latest developments in behavioral psychology, neuroscience and consciousness research.

Q2 2020: San Diego

The erosion of trust between citizens, communities and nation-states threatens global peace and security in the 21st century. It is our responsibility as Data+Scientists to inoculate society from this threat by deploying intelligent algorithms which identify and tag troll comments | profiles.

Q3 2020: San Diego

In late 2020, we are preparing to host our most ambitious experience yet! We bring you "Shaman of the Sun" a Hybrid EDM | Scientific Exhibition. All lovers of light, sound, and energy are invited to celebrate the birth of the modern mind and the dawn of a computational renaissance under the San Diego sun. Listen to profound order in the company of elite Scientists, Explorers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and of course EDM superstars to become the Shaman of the Sun.

Q4 2020: San Diego

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