Why we do it:

Today more than ever, the world needs leadership and COurage. We have an opportunity to fill this vacuum with discovery, passion and intellectual curiosity. By magnetizing intelligence, we can reveal the mathematical beauty that binds us all.

Converge 100 and you have a COnversation

Converge 1,000 and you have a COnference

Converge 10,000 and you have a COmmunity

Converge 100,000 and you have a COmputational Renaissance

What is CO?

CO is a custodian of scientific innovation. She is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of powerful ideas between scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations. CO curates a variety of events | experiences designed to educate, engage and inspire our community to inquire together. A delicate code, that promises to connect the world's most brilliant technical minds with one another.


Ignite the COmputational Renaissance!

Our Values

  • Innovation emerges from unrestrained collaboration
  • Our most valuable currency is rigorous curiosity
  • Every interaction moves towards something created
  • We are all leaders of the computational renaissance.
  • Higher education is not a substitute for action
  • If rules are stupid ignore them, if they are bad, break them!


We are raising 25K to continue developing our "COmpatibility Engine" which will match scientists, data scientists and entrepreneurs with one another.



The true power of crowdsourcing intelligence has yet to be harnessed. We wish to demonstrate the network effects that result from massive international scientific collaborations. By connecting the world's most passionate engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs together, we can measurably accelerate the speed of scientific innovation. As our social, economic and political capital grows, our ideas reach a tipping point towards inevitability.