Volunteer Manual

Step 1: Choose your Team

This manual is designed to provide MLS & CO volunteers the necessary tools and documentation to develop dynamic technology ecosystems. Our vision is to create a global Data+Science community, and we hope that one day, dozens of cities around the world will use our collaboration framework to cultivate a culture of innovation, leading to global impact. Let’s show the world what happens when brilliant minds come together.

The Machine Learning Society is searching for the most passionate members of the technology community to help up expand our global vision to magnetize intelligence. As chapter leaders, your goal will be to develop relationships with every active participant in the Data Science world and bring them onto the CO Network, our Science | Technology collaboration network. A self-organized technology movement requires a cutting edge organizational management system with a strong leadership infrastructure.

Step 2: Submit Application

What to expect after you submit an Application

  • Work with teams of passionate people to expand the community.
  • Manage projects and resources.
  • Create strategies to solve technical challenges.
  • Develop useful resources for Data Scientists around the world.
  • Grow your personal and professional network.

Step 3: Infect the World

A revolution needs to spread. From person to person, company to company and country to country. Infect the world with great ideas by following and sharing these posts on social media.