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The Future of Farming with AI: Truly Organic at Scale

As climate change and global demographics begin to put excessive strain on the traditional farming model, the need for an agriculturally intelligent solution is vital. By 2050, the world population will increase by over 2 billion people. Current crop yields and freshwater resources will not be sufficient to sustain a population over 9 billion people.

On May 15th the Machine Learning Society will be hosting an event to showcase high tech farming techniques used in vertical and urban farming. Our keynote speaker is Ryan Hooks of Huxley. Huxley uses computer vision, augmented reality (AR), and A.I. to greatly improve yield, while driving the down cost and resources requirements. Huxley is creating an “operating system for plants” to grow with 95% less water, 2x the speed, 2/3 less carbon output, and half the nutrients needed. Come to our event to learn more.


Ryan Hooks, CEO & Founder, Huxley

Ryan Hooks has spent the past decade creating identities for companies such as Google, UNICEF, and Vevo. Working in the media space, he has helped communicate food, water, population, and resource issues via Food Inc, the G8 summit, and other organizations. He has been featured in FastCompany Magazine. In 2013, he entered the tech world with Avbl to help creative talent connect in real-time. In 2014, he founded Isabel, a smart grow system for the growth and transportation of deliciously efficient produce. Debuted on Summit at Sea 2016: Plant Vision™ by Huxley utilizes computer vision, AI, machine learning, and Augmented Reality to radically transform the way we grow.


Agritecture is a blog and workshop platform all about growing food in our cities. The blog promotes fresh, unique, and high preforming urban agriculture design concepts; and juxtapose them against real research and businesses in urban agriculture.

Agritecture’s followers are keen to learn about everything ‘Designed to Grow’ from the most efficient plant factory to the trendiest design amenities in a new luxury real estate development. Agritecture’s Twitter and Facebook are great for industry business news, and our Instagram is ideal for design inspiration at the meeting point between architecture and agriculture.

Future events: Baltimore Agritecture Workshop, an intensive two day course in NYC, or sign up for Agritecture’s newsletter for exclusive event deals and insights from the founder.


AeroFarms is on a mission to transform agriculture by building and operating environmentally responsible farms throughout the world to enable local production at scale and nourish our communities with safe, nutritious, and delicious food. AeroFarms disrupts traditional supply chains by building farms on major distribution routes and near population centers. The company defies traditional growing seasons by enabling local farming at commercial scale all-year round. They set new standards for traceability by managing greens from seed to package. They do it all while using 95% less water than field farmed-food and with yields 130 times higher per square foot annually. Recently AeroFarms has been featured on CBS News and CNN.


New Lab is an interdisciplinary space designed to support entrepreneurs working in emerging technologies, and a pioneering resource for new tech, new hardware, and new manufacturing in New York City.

Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New Lab provides the tools and community to unite and support 400 hardware-centric innovators, representing 50 companies in a variety of fields – including robotics, A.I., urban technology, and energy – and fosters collaboration and advancement across disciplines. New Lab was also recently featured in the New York Times, “A Hardware Renaissance Grows in Brooklyn.”

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