Kaggle Competition


Crowd-source an entire cities intelligence to win a Kaggle Competition. We hope to understand the underlying principle that govern the development of high performance technical teams.


The Kaggle Competition is a fun and technical environment for members committed to advancing their skills in ML | AI | Deep Learning.


We inspire each other to have fun, solve real-world problems and make some great friends along the way. Historically, the Machine Learning Society attracts a variety of skills and domain experts, therefore we encourage our most advanced members to mentor the next generation of explorers.

Team Formation

Kaggle teams operate out of:

  • New York
  • Boston
  • San Diego


Members of the study group will audit a beginner python programming course together. Beginners can also get started on the Titanic Challenge on Kaggle.


This team invites students, coders of all levels and anyone that has a desire to learn more about data science through hands-on experience. No limit to team size. This team will be lead by a volunteer Machine Learning Society data scientist with extensive experience in the field. This team's challenge will be presented at the meeting.


This is an advanced skills team that will have no more than 10 members. Each member will have a strong Data Science background and will pledge to contribute code for submission. This team’s challenge will be shared by the Competitive Team Leader