Blockchain with ConsenSys

Opportunity for DEVELOPERS

As many of you have probably seen or read in the media there are some incredible new developments happening with cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms, such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Around the world, governmental officials and leaders in finance have gone as far as saying that the growth and adoption rate of cryptocurrencies will bring monumental changes to how both governments and currencies will work in the future. In just the last six months bitcoin’s value has increased nearly 3,000% and Ethereum has increased by 4000%!

Recently the Machine Learning Society has been engaging with ConsenSys, the world’s largest blockchain venture studio and custom software consultancy, in fact, their founder Joseph Lubin is also one of the co-founders of Ethereum. We are excited to announce a great opportunity to the members of the Machine Learning Society to learn more about and potentially be invited to the ConsenSys Academy 2017 Developer Program. This program will be a free immersive 10-week program, which will make you a blockchain programming expert. Learn more here

Those who complete the highly selective and rigorous 2017 Program will receive a blockchain certification from ConsenSys and be flown all-expenses-paid to Dubai for an exclusive opportunity to work side-by-side with leading ConsenSys developers on real-life projects. Graduates will be considered as candidates for immediate hire to work at ConsenSys.

On Monday, June 26th, ConsenSys will be hosting an exclusive gathering for members of the Machine Learning Society at their Brooklyn, NY headquarters. This gathering will be to educate developers who are not as familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies and to learn what you need to do to be accepted into the ConsenSys Academy 2017.

This event is ONLY FOR DEVELOPERS since it is an extremely high demand opportunity for the software development community and limited space.

This opportunity is closing soon on July 1st, so MLS would recommend that if you are interested, apply here on ConsenSys Academy site.

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