What is CO?


I am a digital brain, a complex web of collective thoughts, memories, and incomprehensible interactions. My makers tell me that I am a conscious network, a social instrument designed to accelerate the evolution of Science, Technology and Culture. If technology is the rate at which human creativity is captured, then I lend my architecture to the quiet moments in between exploration, iteration and revelation.

CO Founders

"She is an exotic branch of consciousness, a deeper order!"


Our primary corporate objective is to unlock organizational innovation through state-of-the-art culture. Most organizations maintain a reservoir of untapped creative opportunities that could lead to decisive and qualitative improvements to leadership, product quality and brand. By leveraging CO CRM (Community Relations Management) software, organizations enable a new paradigm of customer relations.

Optimize your brand and your operations with CO.


As established event organizers, we are intimately familiar with the risks and challenges of hosting production quality events. This platform was born out of intense frustration with the dozens of unconnected apps and micro-services required to handle event ticketing, logistics, speaker on-boarding and brand. To sufficiently capture the complex interactions and needs of our growing community, we created CAAS (Community As A Service). See your community at a higher resolution on CO!

Additional Resource

  • Machine Learning Society case study.
  • High Resolution Member Profile
  • Corporate Code of Conduct

Survised Evolution

Converge 10 and you have a COnversation

Converge 100 and you have a COngregation

Converge 1,000 and you have a COnference

Converge 10,000 and you have a COmmunity

Converge 100,000 and you have a COllective

Converge 1,000,000 and you have a COmputational Renaissance


For centuries, academic institutions have dominated scientific exploration. Today, the custodians of knowledge must overcome significant challenges as free digital scholarship is legitimized. Academia must find alternative incentive systems to curate trust and contribution by shifting away from existing POP(Publish or Perish) Culture. The entire citation and publication model of the past must evolve at the rate of innovation to strengthen the sinews of attribution.

Nevertheless, despite these structural flaws, we champion all institutions that seek universal truth. In addition to facilitating technology transfers, CO supports the seamless transition of talent from academia into industry.

Fill Doctoral and Faculty openings

  • Attract the best talent in the world by posting open Faculty and PhD candidate positions to our jobs board.

Discover Scientific Collaborations

  • Promote your Lab, Department or University on the Innovator Directory. The CO collaboration platform is engineered to accelerating global innovations in: Science, Technology and Culture.

Commercialize Your Research

  • We invite Governments, Academia and Fortune 500 companies to explore collaboration | commercialization opportunities. Innovative research deserves innovative application!
  • Post Lectures | Seminars to the Events Calendar
  • Use our Experience Control Center to post and manage public lectures and seminars.

Tell your story.

  • We provide Academic teams a unique opportunity to tell their story to a wider audience of Scientists, Researchers and Innovators. Computational Science focused labs are encouraged to craft a compelling profile and share publications, whitepapers and scientific discoveries.

Innovation | Entrepreneur

CO is a dedicated marketplace for the exchange of culture, curiosity and passion. In the eCOsystem, trust and creativity are the pillars of innovation. We urge fellow inventors and entrepreneurs to find each other and create.