Mission Statement

Remove serendipity from innovation.

Our Solution

A trusted eCOsystem that breeds curiosity and accelerates global innovation in Science, Technology, and Culture.

The Results

Through creating this physi-digital social instrument, we discovered a gold-mine of disruption...

We listened to our communities concerns and identified their unmet needs...

Community Needs

COLLABORATION - A dedicated platform for trusted innovation through collaboration in the STEM field.

EVENTS - An event management software that removes the disorganized and chaotic experience from event hosting.

RECRUITING - There is a profound shortage of qualified talent for these rapidly emerging STEM jobs.

CONSULTING - Companies lack the knowledge and skills to properly implement new technologies in a niche market.

CULTURE - The backbone of community relationships and purpose-driven action.

So why now?




  • 95% of respondents believe that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world.
  • The majority (63%) intends to grow their total event budgets by an average of 22% ($7,500) in the next year.
  • 92% of over-performing businesses in Software & Services believe live events are instrumental to an organization's success
  • 82% of these businesses have strong support from leadership regarding event strategy.


  • On average, businesses save 18.6 hours a month on event planning by using event software.
  • Businesses that do use event software are 24% more likely to prove event ROI.
  • The median spend by a B2B company sponsoring an event is $20,000 (Marketing Charts, 2018).


STEM Recruiting

“Employment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations has grown 79% since 1990, from 9.7 million to 17.3 million, outpacing overall U.S. job growth”


With recent Trump events going on, it will be even harder to recruit STEM talent because we cannot hire international people like we used to.

The systemic need for STEM workers is such that big companies such as Google, Apple and Ernst and Young are willing to consider workers without a traditional college degree as long as they can prove they have the required skills.

You can imagine the impact STEM has on the economy by looking at the companies and products revolutionizing our lives. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and on and on. STEM powers all of them.

STEM companies are not just the classic tech companies. It is already happening & will continue to happen that EVERY company will have major STEM components:

"But Toyota has many STEM jobs with no workers to fill them, he said. They're among about 2.4 million STEM-related jobs expected to remain vacant nationwide this year, according to a news release from Toyota Motor North America."

Companies on average spend approximately $4,000 per candidate on interviewing, scheduling, and assessment to decide if someone is right for a job.


Google research found that you can search for a simple job like "truck driver" and find that the results obtained in FedEx, UPS, and other delivery services are totally different. They each use different language to describe that very job, so you have to spend a lot of time searching each company's website to find the job you want.

Recruiting Today : For job seekers, the search process can be agonizing, difficult, and frightening. Unlike other searches on the internet, a job search is a very personal thing. You are looking for a position that fits your needs, a job with a company that fits your personality and lifestyle, and an employer that is physically close enough that you can commute or relocate without impacting your family and daily life. All these search "criteria" are important, and almost none of this information is embedded in the job description.
While companies like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others try to give companies branded pages to promote their company culture and wonderful workplaces, most job descriptions are limited, out of date, and often poorly written - making it hard to tell whether the job is quite what you want.
Behind all this mess is the marketplace of applicant tracking systems (the corporate software that companies use to post jobs, manage applicants, schedule interviews, etc.).
These products are generally old and their search and scoring engines are fairly rudimentary, so all these non-standard jobs on the internet are not only hard for people to search, they are hard to match to candidates. So just as candidates often randomly apply for jobs that aren't a great fit, the ATS has a very difficult time scoring resumes to decide who to call back.


Recruiting Market Trends

Whose in the game?


RECRUITMENT - Competitive Analysis


Competitive Analysis



Tristen Blake

  • In 2016 Founded the machine learning society: 18,000+ members passionate about STEM
  • Event magician: Tristen's ability to put on events has made him the #1 STEM event producer in San Diego (he moved here only 2.5 years ago)
  • Has collaborated with the top companies in the world including Google, IBM, Amazon, & others

Alex Hartung

  • Engineer & Entrepreneur with proven ability to overcome steep learning curves and deliver results in the medical and aerospace industry.
  • "The Integrator": Alex's ability to see the whole picture allows him to create systematic solutions to problems and makes him an essential component to any team.

Edward Blair

  • Took over his family engineering business and grew it from $800k to 1.6MM in two years with zero prior engineering experience.
  • Amassed millions of followers across various social pages; understands attention & marketing in the year we live in.
  • Managed & grew sales teams of 200 people: understands how to sell, how to train, how to inspire, and how to lead a team.


Revenue Model

Story Telling | Marketing Plan

CO Story Telling

Closing Thoughts

We have attracted an opportunity to bring the smartest people in the world together to solve the toughest problems humanity now faces...

We are building a business to sustain our impact.

The kids & future generations to come will be positively affected by our service & contribution.

Help us ignite the computational renaissance!

We aim to collect the most comprehensive scientific events database in the world. We invite you to submit missing EVENTS to the directory.

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