Silicon Road | Smart Border


“All roads lead to Rome! All silicon roads lead to San Diego!

San Diego is strategically positioned to become the world’s first fully autonomous city. By developing a Silicon Road connected to a Smart Border with Mexico, we will attract the most talented engineers and technology companies to Southern California.

The Silicon Road

A fully autonomous global vehicle network is an inevitability. By forming a consortium of business leaders, engineers and local governments, we have an opportunity to coordinate a Smart City effort that will transform our economy and position San Diego as a global engine for innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Cybersecurity and Blockchain technologies.

Pioneering a Smart Border

San Diego’s the most dynamic border in the United States. With millions of products going to and from Mexico, it is also becoming the most congested. With traffic increasingly becoming San Diego’s most acute problem, we need a revolutionary re-imagination of our transportation network. A smart border + silicon road will not only solve congestion, but will allow for local entrepreneurs and companies to pioneer and sell this infrastructure to 1000’s of sister cities around the world.


We aim to transform San Diego into a next generation Transportation hub. By pioneering the development of a Smart Border we will increase the rate of economic exchanged in the age of Autonomous Vehicles.

Silicon Road Benefits

  • Reduced carbon emissions | clean environment
  • Reduction in traffic congestion
  • Exponentially safer roads
  • Increased population productivity
  • Faster and cheaper transportation
  • Increased toll revenue from autonomous trucks and vehicle crossings
  • Investment into San Diego by various autonomous vehicle manufacturers
  • Influx of technology talent
  • Support of local technology industries (Cyber-security, Machine Learning , Heavy Manufacturing)
  • Integrated Smart and Safe City
  • No more speeding or parking tickets

Sign the Petition

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When most people think of San Diego, they think of beaches, beautiful weather and surfers. When I think San Diego, I think of unbridled innovation and an unprecedented concentration of scientific and technical talent. As the balance of power shifts across the globe, 2018 is a critical year for the election of a new cultural superpower in the United States.

Several necessary prerequisites determine a cities eligibility for this awesome responsibility: These include:

  • A strong culture of collaboration and trust.
  • Concentration of leading universities.
  • A thriving startup sector.
  • Progressive local government.
  • Sufficient space to expand.
  • Non competitive community leadership.
  • Smart Cities initiatives.

Not only does San Diego satisfy these critical elements, but it is also our privilege to demonstrate leadership in five key strategic areas of research and application:

  • Artificial Intelligence | Autonomous Systems
  • Biotech | Genomics
  • Blockchain | Cryptocurrency
  • Cybersecurity
  • Neuroscience

In 2018, San Diego is determined to catapult onto the world stage as an icon for innovation in Science and Technology. We invite the world’s most dynamic visionaries, data scientists, entrepreneurs and corporations to architect a new standard for cities around the world to emulate. Help us re-imagine life, work and play at the birthplace of the computational renaissance.

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