Executive Team

Tristen Tyler Blake | Founder | CEO

Tristen is an explorer, writer, and technology diplomat. In 2016 he founded the Machine Learning Society and grew its worldwide memberships to over 18,000 Data+Scientists . In 2018 he launched the CO Network, a Sci | Tech collaboration platform engineered to accelerate global innovations in Science, Technology and Culture.

Tristen's practice of cooperative game theory has brought together Governments, Academic Institutions, Fortune 500 companies and thousands of scientists to act on solving the world's biggest challenges. Tristen hosts a series of Science & Technology focused events and conferences in New York, Boston and San Diego that blend the line between Art, Science and Culture.

He speaks publicly about developing Smart Cities that live and breath through technology via Synthetic infrastructure."Innovation will not wait for us, so why should we wait for her!" Join his mission to ignite a global Computational Renaissance.

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