Poem I - Ode to a Scientific Civilization

A small ode to scientific exploration, which speaks of forgotten times and coming innovation.

First came fire, followed by electric power, time to stop measuring in horses what runs in Watt hours.

They say cancer is relentless, but so is science, all we need to do is transform education and revolutionize finance.

We are watching systems evolve at the speed of superlinier scaling, adopt what works and prohibit what is failing.

Politics is a probability occupied by contradiction, it goes without saying that reality has become a very polite fiction.

We discovered a cure for all the world's animosity, we must satisfy basic needs and support rigorous curiosity.

History has lessons written on paper and papyrus, you see the ancients also spoke of contagious plague and social virus.

The world is sick with greed and tragic miscommunication, help the CO Network deliver algorithmically assured information.

Explorers rise from your chilled laboratories, record for posterity your beautiful stories.

Remember to always stay positive and never be discouraged, simply oscillate governments until there is nothing left but leadership and courage.

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