Happy New Year! What year is it again?

A quick glance at the calendar, and it is indeed the year 2018.

If the current year (2018) is a proxy for measuring the social and cultural development of an entire species, then we must also celebrate our Scientific and Technological age which complements our collective narrative.

Throughout most of history, scientific discovery and the development of new technology has rushed past the individuals and societies that conceived them. Technologies relentless evolution strives for the exponential, while human culture often stagnates and even regresses.

It is this difference in evolutionary expression that pervades societies fear of technology. Yet, despite our tendency to anthropomorphize, technology is not a competing organism with resource needs, it is a system of organizing information and making rapid statistical decisions.

Humans are clearly threatened by “precision” because we have emotions and we are prone to errors and poor leadership. Nevertheless, even with these imperfections, we still managed to engineer powerful new mediums for understanding the world and improving human quality of life.

If we consider the recent innovations in the computational sciences, I subjectively propose that we are living in Tech Year 2035.

  • Tech year 2035 — Shows the possibilities for Science / Technology and Culture to transform our civilization.
  • The year 2018 — Answers if we are ready to find consensus and embrace a bold new evolutionary direction.

What “Tech Year” do you think it is?

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