Welcome to the Enhanced Anthropology Lab, CO's official public research laboratory.

Our research is inspired by and functions like a MODL (Massive Open Digital Laboratory)

Areas of Inquiry

Culture Technology is the explicit awareness of the subconscious factors that affect human behavior. To design, iterate and improve upon culture, one must become sensitive to the properties that influence human psychology and performance.

The grand scientific and technical challenges of modern civilization necessitate the seamless integration of cross disciplinary research and development. Most companies, research institutions, and governments are chronically challenged by the natural formation of myopic information silos. Bureaucratic inertia and uninspiring academic culture have produced an array of perverse incentives that restrict innovation and scientific discovery as a whole.

To break this impasse, we propose the adoption of a Universal Communications Protocol for scientific research and discovery that is not only inclusive of academic incentives, but also applicable to industry, government and even startup culture.

Mesh Minds

The composition of high performance teams is the keystone to innovation. Modern organizational theory suggests that healthy teams rely on the following critical pillars for success:

  • Clear roles
  • Effective Leadership
  • Good Process
  • High bandwidth communication
  • Strong intra-personal bonds
  • Common purpose

With modest alterations to the team composition workflow, organizations can establish purpose driven, cooperative and opportunistic teams to solve trans-disciplinary challenges. Screening for selective emotional and social configurations enables further phenomenological expressions of high performance teams, optimized for distributed cognition and collective reasoning.

Substrates of Curiosity

There is a difference between active and passive curiosity! We wish to understand what stimuli triggers curious pursuit and which stimulus simply entertains.

Computational Trust Markets

We wish to observe the evolution of sentiment and ideas as they propagate through complex social ecosystems. In particular, our research is focused on the granular manipulation of incentive structures, currency on culture, relationships creativity and cooperation.

In short, we are curious about the byproducts of communities when trust becomes the dominant currency.

Performance Psychology | NeuroTilting

Toggling between various states of consciousness can lead to heightened awareness, concentration, and abstraction. Focus-training and Character R&D are worth exploring as a basis for selective neuro-biology.

"Compete to Collaborate" Framework

We are designing a robust collaboration framework with an intrinsically cooperative game theory customized for 21st century innovation. No more "Prisoners dilemma's" or "Trolley problems"! This framework emphasizes proper Trolley QA, in order to steer clear of all the prisons and justice systems that incentivize snitching on your partners!