What is a Conscious Network?

A Conscious Network is a new class of social instrumentation, engineered to promote cooperative cognition and distributed reasoning. CN's transform complex social, psychological and anthropological data into culture.

Exotic Configurations

CN's are extremely sensitive to subtle changes to initial conditions. Careful manipulations of network topology have been shown to trigger unique expressions of emergent phenomena. The CO team refers to these states as "Emergent Property Machines"

Preliminary research has identified several exotic configurations which warrant further research:

  • High Performance Teamwork
  • Designer Culture
  • Physidigital Ecosystems
  • Customized Hierarchies
  • Mathematical Trust Markets
  • Intelligence Crowdsourcing
  • Spontaneous Innovation
  • Cognition Selective Communities
  • Granular Incentive Structures
  • Acephalous (leaderless) organizations

To learn about EPM pruning and maintenance, please read our guide to Enhanced Anthropology.

Supervised Evolution

Converge 10 and you have a COnversation

Converge 100 and you have a COngregation

Converge 1,000 and you have a COnference

Converge 10,000 and you have a COmmunity

Converge 100,000 and you have a COllective

Converge 1,000,000 and you have a COmputational Renaissance

CO Network is α LIVE