Event Planning Manual - Under Development

Marketing an event is often times the most challenging part of the event planning process. However it also creates a lot of opportunities to communicate your organizations vision.

Step 1: Event Summary & Details

Before advertising an event, several prerequisites must be fulfilled by the planning team.

  • Event Summary - write 2 paragraphs or about 170 words to describe the event.

Example: The strategic manipulation of information has become a powerful political tool for creating confusion in healthy countries. The erosion of trust between citizens, communities and nation-states threatens global peace and security in the 21st century. It is our responsibility as Data+Scientists to inoculate society from this threat by deploying intelligent algorithms which identify and tag troll comments | profiles. The Machine Learning Society and the CO Science & Tech Social Network are currently designing a Hackathon which aims to restore trust on the internet.

  • Artwork - A cool image allows you to visualize the event and helps your audience do the same. Contact Tristen@MLsociety.com for art.
  • Venue - Finding a venue is difficult without a semi-formed event structure and interested speakers / attendees. Use this venue template to help book a location.


The number of impressions that you make is directly correlated with how many people will know about the event and RSVP for it.

Broadcasting on Social Media & Event Managers

Crowdsourcing RSVPs


  • All upcoming Events should be posted on several platforms for maximum exposure.


  • Eventbrite
  • Facebook (through eventbrite integration)
  • Twitter
  • CO Chapter Page.

Event planning

Machine Learning Society events are designed to bring the audience into a new reality. Please use this Manual to structure event logistics and deliver a powerful experience to the audience.

MLS & CO Guiding Principles: Every event must:

  • Create a sense of community and intellectual curiosity.
  • Inform the audience about the Computational Renaissance and how science and technology is transforming the world.
  • Provide valuable resources for our members including (lectures, podcasts, mentors….)

Typical Event requirements

  • chairs
  • food.......
  • printouts
  • brouchures

Steps for successful Event Organization

Structure Event Team

Write Executive Summary

Research Speakers

Create Artwork

Post Event across all channels (eventbrite / meetup)

Sponsor search

Secure Venue(list)

Find cross promoters

Social Media blast

Areas of Interest

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning,

Deep Learning,

Recommender Systems,

Performance Algorithms, Mathematics & Statistics



Chemistry, Neuroscience, Biology


Autonomous Navigation Drones Robotics HPC & Supercomputing

Microchips & Embedded Systems



Next Gen Sequencing

Bioinformatics CRISPr


Algorithmic trading Crypto-currency Blockchain

Smart Contracts Ethereum


ML in Marketing Business Analytics Cloud Services

Subject Workshopor Panel Discussion topics: