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Event Template

Dear MLS Volunteers and Community Members,

We are kicking off our Volunteer meetings to grow the <Your City> Data Science community. We have some exciting developments to share with you. The MLS team has restructured the entire volunteer strategy to create more impact. Join us for an in-person Volunteer Meeting to learn more about how to get involved.

Please make sure to fill out this Volunteer Form before coming to the meeting!


  • Meet the Team Leaders
  • Strategy Introduction
  • Break into teams
  • Brainstorm strategies
  • Have some cookies while changing the world

Hosting Instructions

Frequency: Every 2 weeks

Suggestion - Can be hosted together with the Kaggle Competition Meeting.


This document was developed to share best practices for maintaining cohesive self-organized volunteer teams.

At the start of every volunteer meeting, it is important to reiterate The Machine Learning Societies - Mission &amp; Values

Review Volunteer Applications

  • Select Team Leaders
  • Onboarding Teams