Hike with a Data Scientist

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche.


You don’t have to be Nietzche to know that a good hike with fascinating people is a recipe for success. Join us on a morning hike once every month. The objective of the hike is to have fun, make friends, talk about data, and help your hiking buddy with his or her data questions. We invite ALL scientists, business leaders, and technologists to join the hike.

Hike Checklist


  • Meetup 15 minutes before start of hike
    • Talk to members and engage
    • Mission: “The ML Society has a mission to engage data scientists in each city that we start a branch. We are here to facilitate relationships, foster a community, and help guide the future shapers of the world. We understand the major positive impact that machine learning and bioinformatics has and will have on the world at large. When a member presents a need for help, maybe in analyzing Parkinson’s treatment data, and another member steps us to provide their expertise, we know that we’re on the right track. We are a society and community of people that have a genuine interest in bettering the world through algorithms. So our goal is this, we will try to provide you all with quality events and a place to network. Please let us know if you need any support and we will find within our great community. Thanks for coming out and enjoy the hike!”
  • Start hike
    • Make sure all members are engaged in conversation
    • Encourage conversations with others
      • Possible topics: genomic sequencing, drones, self driving cars, machine learning ethics, algorithmic trading, future ideas
    • This is a time to spark connections
  • End hike
    • Encourage the sharing of contact information
    • Talk about the next event and possible volunteer opportunities