AI Movie Night

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Join us once a month to watch a movie or series about Artificial Intelligence |Mathematics | Science with a group of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Experts.


After the movie, we will have a technical discussion and co-author a short technical feasibility analysis as a group. If you have suggestions for movies or can help arrange for screening locations, please comment below.

Movies | Shows Under Consideration:

  • The Matrix
  • Westworld
  • Blackmirror
  • Ex Machina
  • Her
  • ...

Netflix Sponsorship Letter

Greetings <Name>,

I am the founder of the Machine Learning Society. We recently launched a new "Signature Event" called "AI Movie Night" and will be rolling it out across 4 of our chapters (New York, Boston, San Diego, Bay Area).

With a total of 5000+ members, we expect an average of 40-50 people per showing per city and I believe "Black Mirror" will be a great start as a series. I intend to lock down a sponsor in the next 3 weeks as we are also considering HBO sponsorship for a West world viewing.

Please let me know if Netflix is interested in sponsoring / hosting us for the AI Movie Night + Technical Discussion. This will be a great opportunity to hire from our talented Data Science community as well.