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Note - This group is exclusively for Intermediate and Expert level Programmers and Data Scientists.If you are a beginner or just starting out, please visit to continue developing your skills.

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Develop a local Data Science community that collaborates on stimulating technical challenges.

Understand the underlying principle that govern the development of high performance technical teams.


The Kaggle Weekly Hackathon is engineered to improve not only your technical skills, but also your ability to collaborate with diverse teammates. This is a fun and technical environment for MLS & CO members committed to advancing their ML | AI |Deep Learning capabilities.

Additional Details

We will occasionally have representatives from local companies searching for talent. Unlike traditional interviews that create an atmosphere of stress and oftentimes overlook great candidates, we are breaking the model by bringing employers to you in your element. So if you wish to take advantage of this new MLS service ,keep coming to our events and we will bring opportunity to you! Please notify the group leader that you are looking for work or for placement on our Consulting projects.


We inspire eachother to have fun, solve real-world problems and make some great friends alongthe way.

Each attendee must pledge to contribute submission code and do their best not to miss meetings during the selected challenge.

If any of the Competitive Teams wins the a Kaggle challenge: The Machine Learning Society will keep 20% of bounty. Remaining proceeds will be divided equally between team members.