DeepBIO 2019 Conference | Hackathon

Scientific Petition - 5000 Signature Challenge

DeepBIO was conceived to catalyze innovation at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Biology. Our vision is to bring together the world's foremost scientists and thought leaders in the fields of Deep Learning, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Machine Learning.

We have an ambitious plan to make this conference a reality and we need your help. Sign & Share our Scientific Petition with your peers to help us achieve our 5,000 signature goal.

The CO Network and the Machine Learning Society are committed to bringing this experience to life for the community.

Scientific Petition Invitees

Phase I: Scientific Petition

Q: Why are we collecting 5,000 signatures from leading data scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, life science executives, and academics?

A: Because we believe that the true power of crowdsourcing intelligence has yet to be harnessed. We wish to demonstrate the network effects that result from massive international collaborations. We will need as much support as we can get for Phase II!

Current Signatories

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Phase II: Letter Delivery + Speaker Confirmation

Q: What will you do with my signature?

A: Upon completing the 5,000 signature goal, the CO Network and the Machine Learning Society will coordinate the delivery of 50+ handwritten letters of invitation to the speakers and thinkers listed below. We will not use mail! The letters will be delivered in-hand through our 20,000 member network.

Note - The names, city, organizations and professional titles of every signatory will be included at the end of each letter as a link. Please Sign the Petition above if you have not done so already!

Phase III: Organize the Event

Our experience hosting productions quality events will become an asset in this phase. The Machine Learning Society will handle all event logistics, and the CO Network will tackle event promotion and Hackathon planning with our partners.

It will take approximately 3 - 4 months to launch the DeepBIO Conference | Hackathon.

Venue and Date will be announced shortly after speaker confirmation is complete.

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