San Diego, California ▪️ Mar 12-13, 2020


As cities become more complex, communities must reimagine the city as a nervous system connected to a brain. The transition from smart cities to organisms takes place at the busy intersections between Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IOT, Edge Computing and Semiconductor technologies.

This summit will explore the many opportunities that result from designing cities enabled by intelligent infrastructure. The earliest recorded civilizations understood that the city must match the ambitions of the populations they serve. That is why the Egyptians left behind skyscrapers, and why all roads once lead to Rome.

Our question is what will San Diego leave behind?


Communications ▪️ Intelligent Infrastructure ▪️ Internet Of Things


Artificial Intelligence ▪️ Computer Vision ▪️ Robotics ▪️ Next-Gen Mobility


Data Centers ▪️ High Performance Commuting ▪️ Cybersecurity


Microprocessors ▪️ City on a Chip


Clean Technologies ▪️ Energy Efficiency ▪️ Environmental


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San Diego is determined to catapult onto the world stage as an icon of innovation. We invite the world’s most dynamic visionaries, data scientists, entrepreneurs, smart city pioneers and corporations to inspire a new standard for cities around the world to emulate. Help us reimagine life, work, and play at the birthplace of the computational renaissance.