California Innovation Ecosystem

Date | Location

Jan, 2020

Location: TBD

San Diego, California


What is your cities IQ?

Billions of people accept daily traffic and congestion as a price for mobility, a catch for convenience, a sacrifice for civilization.

Its true innovation, is the alignment of incentives between a city and its citizens.

We will demonstrate how advanced applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can transform a static city into an organism with a synthetic intelligence coursing through it's infrastructure.

This intelligence will enable exotic capabilities like adaptive speed limits, parking suggestion & mobile payments, traffic modeling | load balancing, and of course, perceptive traffic lights that adapt to road conditions, congestion and emergency services in real-time.

The technology necessary to develop a cities which dynamically adapts to every citizens needs is not science fiction, but an unrealized reality that has lingered in hope for decades.

is an annual convergence of industry executives and data scientists dedicated to deploying emerging technologies and innovative solutions in Southern California. Through a blend of illuminating keynotes, dynamic panel discussions, and interactive use-case studies from leading technology companies and local governments, the "Impact Summit" will focus on the transformative role of AI and Deep Learning in leading next-gen transportation solutions. This conference is aimed at giving attendees the knowledge, tools and solutions critical to success within our industry.

This gathering will focus on bringing together thought leaders at the forefront of innovations in Artificial intelligence, 5G, IOT, Cloud Infrastructure, Autonomous Transportation and Robotics. Join us January 2020, in San Diego to celebrate the future of mobility and intelligent infrastructure in Southern California.

This summit will include:

  • Keynote presentation focused on the current state of technology in Southern California today
  • Interactive use-case studies featuring a spectrum of organizations who have successfully solved novel challenges with AI and Big Data implementations.
  • Panel discussion with industry leaders focused on key requirements for enabling AI within your organization
  • Panel discussion focused on the Machine Learning and AI
  • Keynote presentation from TBD
  • Expo and workshops from world-class technology partners
  • Multiple Networking Opportunities


Wireless Communications | Edge Computing | Radio Frequency | Signals Processing


Artificial Intelligence | Data Science | Computer Vision | Drones | Autonomous Navigation | Robotics | Next-Gen Mobility


Data Centers | High Performance Computing | Internet Of Things | Cybersecurity


Wireless Communications | Microprocessors | Edge Computing | Embedded Systems


Smart Grids | Batteries | Energy Efficiency | Environmental Approaches | Carbon Controls