What is CCO:

Crypto COast is a west coast innovation collective powered by CO (a Science & Technology social network). The CCO network is a collaboration between the CO Network and the Nanome team. Each chapter will be managed by community organizers in participating cities.

CCO Mission:

Crypto COast’s mission is to curate events, jobs, collaborations, investments and strategic introductions between developers, entrepreneurs and investors pioneering blockchain | cryptocurrency technologies.


Crypto Coast members often demonstrate interest in the following subjects | domains.



Blockchain Technology


Smart Contracts


Distributed Computing

Network Architecture

Supply Chain Management

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

Life Sciences | Genomics

Smart Cities


1. Do NOT do anything illegal or stupid!

2. Do NOT give or ask for investment advice!

3. Do NOT Spam or post and Product | Service Advertisements – Instant Ban with free a listing on the Crypto-Shame Index.

Breaking the rules above, with particular emphasis on rule #1 may result in ejection from the community and/or arrest!


Who is this network for?

This network is primarily designed for Community Leaders, Individuals and Corporations at the cutting edge of Blockchain development.

Crypto-speculators without a solid grasp of cryptography, blockchain or other related field are not welcome on our network!